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Pool distribution is the disbursement of orders to a certain number of destination points within a particular geographic region. Characteristics include a high prevalence of regular shipments in less-than-truckload (LTL) quantities, typically in the 150 to 10,000 pound range. Pool distribution represents a cost-effective alternative to the costs of traditional, LTL shipments. In place of shipping direct from origin shipper to the end user, orders are shipped on unified trailers direct to regional facilities. There, the shipment is offloaded, and sorted by JST, then reloaded onto local delivery trucks for distribution to the final destinations.

JST Transportation has built an expertise in pool distribution. Our close and flexible facility network allows JST to receive, break, and inventory client products at the service center that will be making the final delivery. This allows for decreased ship times, handling occurrences, and shipping expenses.

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